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Keep drinking the tea mum!

An article in today’s paper quotes:

Three coffees a day help women’s memory

Elderly women can preserve their thinking skills by drinking more than three cups of coffee each day, scientists have found.

A study of 7,000 people over four years found that women aged 65 and older who drank more than three cups of coffee (or the equivalent in tea) a day had less decline over time on tests of memory than women who drank one cup or less of coffee or tea per day. Men did not show the same benefits.

The French study, published today in the journal Neurology, found the improvements held up even when other factors were taken into account, such as age, education, medications, disability, depression, high blood pressure and other illnesses.

The benefits increased with age - coffee drinkers being 30 per cent less likely to have memory decline at age 65 and rising to 70 per cent less likely over the age of 80.

The study’s author, Dr Karen Ritchie of the French National Institute for Health and Medical Research in Montpellier, said more study was needed. “It might be that caffeine could slow the dementia process rather than preventing it,” she said.

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