Merry Christmas from the Rudland family

Year end - 2007

For Christmas 2007 we had the Norrie menage to stay. On Sunday, 23 December, Rowan, Tony and the children arrived and brought piles of prezzies for the tree. Kenneth arrived on Monday in his new Fiat Abarth bringing more goodies.
Tuesday, Christmas day, saw fun and frolics opening everybody’s parcels - nobody was left out. Stuart had computer controlled robots and Heather had the much-valued Wii. She proved very adept at interactive tennis, baseball etc.
We had a great meal in the late afternoon, thanks to Mum - crackers were pulled with food and wine to match.
Kenneth and the kids left on Wednesday leaving a quiet house.
Rowan and Tony stayed till the Thursday leaving Mum and I to prepare for the Pierotti family (all except Natalie, who was working at Primark) on the Saturday. One of the star gifts was a complete set of all the “MASH” programs for Mariana on DVD.
This led up to my birthday on 30th which was great fun with more gifts.
We had a walk down on the beach at Sandyhills - there was even a family playing cricket !
They all left on Monday afternoon.
In the evening Margaret and I were invited to bring in the New Year with Graham and Sheila Crawford. Their daughter and family were there and a few friends - just a pity I did not wear my kilt as this seemed to be the dress of choice. Home just before 1 am.

All in all a memorable time.

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