Merry Christmas from the Rudland family

Loch Ettrick

Last Sunday Mum and I decided to have a day off from house and garden work. We had decided to try a road which I had not been on for many years, (Mum said she had never been before)

With a picnic in hand, up to Parkgate and turned left towards Ae village. This is supposed to be the shortest name in Scotland, till proven otherwise !! !! ! A narrow, but well surfaced road up through the forest of Ae, a road junction and then to Loch Ettrick. Although we had started off in the hopes of good weather, the clouds gathered and there was a bit of a drizzle.

Hiding in the car, we ate lunch and with the rain off a walk along the west bank of the Loch as far as the fishing hut. Further progress not possible because of long grass, we retraced our steps and set off in the opposite direction along a forest road. This seemed to be leading up into the hills but it ws not to be as the rain again threatened. So back to the car and continued down to Closeburn, the main road, and so home.

At least we got a breath of fresh air.

The forest of Ae was where the region wanted to put a landfill site - that would have been a shame as the area was so peaceful.

See the gallery for a pic of the loch.

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