Merry Christmas from the Rudland family

Glasgow visit

On 13 June, Mum, Helen Crombie and I paid a visit to the family at Glasgow. On the way we stopped off in Troon at the Italian Garden for a lunchtime picnic. It was great looking out over the beach though the breeze was keeping it cool. So on to Yokermill Road where Janet and Co were looking out for us and the coffee was soon on. I had promised to cut the hedge at the front and this was soon finished.

Saturday was spent in a little retail therapy at Clydebank and otherwise quiet.

On the Sunday all seven of us piled into the people mover and went down to the town where the whole length of Byers Road from the Botanic Garden to Dumbarton road was closed off for the West End Festival.
We found a great place to settle ( Helen even had a folding chair ! !) to watch the parade. What a great turn out, marching bands, stilt walkers, a Chinese dragon and lots more. Weather was great and there must have been thousands of spectators, all in party spirit. Some pics on the Gallery.

In the evening Adrian had made a super spread for an early birthday party for Natalie created on the new mega BBQ.

So home on Monday morning.

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