Merry Christmas from the Rudland family

Green Loch

On Sunday, 27th July we got the caravan out and headed out west. Our first stop was at the little site in Creetown where we got a great welcome from the site warden. The sun was shining and we just sat there and chilled out. This was to be just a one-night stop since the place we had chosen near Castle Kennedy cold not take us that night.

Monday morning saw us on the road again: a stop for lunch and a little walk at the visitor centre at Kirroughtree, then on to the CL at Greenloch House. The loch really was green ( more of that later ) and the site was superb right down on the loch with a little mown enclave all to ourselves. First of all we had to make an expedition to Stranraer for supplies from a convenient Morrison’s.

Tuesday was another reasonable day and we set off to visit the garden at Glenwhan, a few miles along the coast. From there the road climbed up to the moor and we found that this magic garden had been created from a rough hillside and laid out with water features and winding paths through the various planting areas.

Needless to say there was a little coffee shop at the end.

Wednesday was thouroughly wet so we just got the paper and had a rest day except for a wee walk along the road to spy out the land. I was quite interested in the origin of the name and found that the owner had done a fair bit of research: the house had been the manse for the kirk at Inch and was built of the site of the Premonstratensian Abbey of Soulseat founded by Fergus, Lord of Galloway. It was known as ‘Monasterium Viridis Stagni’ which roughly translates as ‘Monastery of the Green Stank’ which means that the loch was green in the 11th Cent. The colour is due to a variety of algae that covers the surface in the summer. All that remains now is a fragment of a wall and some gravestones dating back to the 16th Cent.

I have managed to find an OS map of Soulseat Loch which shows the peninsula where the van was sited. The trains were not far away and could be heard from time to time.

Thursday was to be a visit to the fish pond at Port Logan. It was closed however and after our picnic we took ourselves down to Portpatrick. There were a good few folk about so we had a walk up to the top of the cliff - a bit of a breeze but not cold. Watched some kids jumping into the water from the harbour wall. More coffee and so home to the van across country thanks to my good navigator.

Back to Dalbeattie on Friday - all in all an enjoyable break. Where will we go next ?

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