Merry Christmas from the Rudland family

Golden Wedding

Saturday, 20 September was the date of our Golden Wedding. There was to be a party here and all the invites we sent were accepted so that the group was 25 strong.

First of all, we had a glass of bubbly and Rowan gave her welcome speech, followed by Natalie and then Alan. Now it was my turn “On behalf of my wife and myself…..” At the time of our wedding we had recorded the ceremony on a reel-to-reel tape machine and I was able to replay the bit with the vows to take us back 50 years. Rev Ian Robertson recalled that day and then it came time to eat

Adrian made the buffet and, as usual, created a marvellous spread, standing at the top of the table dispensing salmon with great flourish. There were so many dishes that it was hard to make a choice. Mum had made the desserts and they also made a great picture.

The chat was good, since many of those present had not met up for a good few years.

We had said no presents, but some folk could not read, or could not remember what they had read - there were flowers and plants and other goodies, for which many thanks.

Sunday, 21 September.

Two families had been staying over the weekend in chalets at Barend and it was arranged that there would be a group lunch down there. Again Adrian did his bit and, with some of the stuff left from the day before, provided a meal. The weather was kind and we all gathered on one balcony. Soon it was time to pack up.

Altogether a memorable weekend was the universal opinion.

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