Merry Christmas from the Rudland family

Rowan and Tony’s Wedding

On 14th August Rowan and Tony were married in an impressive Humanist ceremony in the Auchter House grounds.
There probably won’t be many of you who have been to a Humanist wedding before, so I hope you will be happy to know that Humanism is simply about what unites us, rather than separates us and this kind of ceremony gives our couple the opportunity to choose their own vows and readings and what the ceremony will say about their relationship.
The weather was perfect, there was a huge marquee on the lawn and folk gathered there. The next move was down to the bank of the Auchter Burn and, once we were all in position, Rowan and her entourage made a dramatic entrance escorted by Stuart. Son Alan sang Rowan’s choice of “Bonnie Gallowa” in his powerful voice and the musical group sang “The Rowan Tree”. There was also a Scots poem delivered by Kevin “Wi Thur Twa Rings”.
After the binding ceremony we all made our way back up to the marquee for chapagne and canapes. At 6pm we had a buffet dinner.
Soon all was tidied away and the floor cleared for dancing. The Ceilidh Band was great, in that before each Scottish dance, they walked and talked everyone through the moves so that the visitors had as much fun as the locals. At the end the band reverted to a disco format with mood lighting and dry ice vapour.
What a great day we all had.

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